SWIFT Air Cargo

Captain Blue


Captain Blue’s deep love of airplanes and airlines has spawned a career that has been very wide in its breadth, from California where he first learned to fly to the Far East where he calls Malaysia home.

Blue, having spent most of his life in The Far East, developed SWIFT Air Cargo based on his more than 27 years in commercial aviation in everything from Piper Cubs to B747 jets.

His background has depth, which includes flying for major airlines in the US prior to moving to The Far East and flying for MAS; the national flag carrier of Malaysia. He has flown for a host of smaller airlines within the region and also worldwide. Although he still loves to fly as a Type Rated Examiner (Designee) and Training Captain (Flight Instructor), he has developed a specialty for managing start-ups and guiding them through the first critical years. This involves rationalizing fleets, guiding airline management in understanding the financial commitments involved and marketing and sales; the lifeblood of an airline, all while keeping things well balanced.

Previously Blue was CEO of SukhoThai Airways (previously FlyHy, a Bangkok based Cargo airline with flights throughout the Far East and it was with SukhoThai that Blue began to piece together the concept of SWIFT, a low cost logistics airline.

Blue’s background includes a wealth of in depth knowledge of airline management, mostly based upon his prior experience managing and flying with 22 airlines; SWIFT is number 23!

Previously Blue was the V. P. of Flight Operations for a number of carriers, particularly in Asia and the Far East; with some of these airlines having been started and or managed by MAS, Malaysia Airlines System, the national flag carrier of Malaysia.

One of the many highlights of his career was Chief Pilot of IndiGo, the largest airline in India, currently with 87 jet aircraft, with another 250 jets on order and he assisted from its start-up in 2006 through to today.

His previous responsibilities included being the Director of Flight Training for four airlines with responsibilities being to rewrite airline training manuals, simulator manuals and in particular, designing and writing policy manuals such as the Flight Operations Manual, which ensures that the airline complies with the standards laid down by the various governing authorities and held up for inspection by regulatory bodies, worldwide.

Blue has been a Type Rated Examiner (TRE / Designee) for four airlines, which implies he was responsible to the regulatory authorities for compliance of training individual Flight Crew and ensuring Flight Standards were maintained and consistently improved upon.

Prior to this, as a Training Captain,  Blue held the designation of Type Rated Instructor (TRI / Designee) in both simulator and aircraft at almost every airline he has flown for, while rounding this out as a Quality Assurance Manager.

Blue’s 12,500 hours flying shows a deep passion, which started on the venerable C-152, transitioning to turboprops and now with 8,500 hours of Command in jets from the B737 up to the B747.

5,300 of these hours were in the capacity as a Type Rated Examiner / Designee and Type Rated Instructor / Designee.

In addition to this, Blue has 7,500 hours in the simulator training and examining / checking Flight Crew while holding them to a high standard.

When Blue is at the controls, he is known for being very fast and yet very efficient. An example is while with MAS, Blue saved more than 600 block hours of aircraft time over a 6 year period, all with a lower fuel burn than flight planned. These savings  accumulated to USD $3,500,000!

Blue’s conscientious, motivated and goal oriented professionalism, ensures goals are met or exceeded while out thinking the competition. This is based upon nurturing personnel, developing a long range strategic outlook while keeping an eye on flight operations.

Having lived in Southern Asia as a young lad, spending high school in Singapore, then heading to the U.S. for University before returning to the Far East for the past 17 years, implies Blue is a flexible, highly motivated leader, who thrives on unusual situations and turning them to an advantage.

SWIFT will excel!